Will You Be Prepared to Give Life Saving Oxygen?

Oxygen - Simple and Affordable


When a life-threatening medical emergency occurs, it is essential that the victim be provided with emergency oxygen to help forestall organ damage and preventable deaths. Normally, emergency oxygen has only been available at medical facilities. LifeFlo has developed a device that is FDA approved for over-the-counter and home use, which makes life-saving emergency oxygen more widely available.


Traditionally, emergency oxygen delivery systems have been complex, requiring specialized medical training to operate. LifeFlo has spent over 5 years developing new technology to deliver an emergency oxygen device that is simple and easy to use, making it possible for almost anyone to administer life-saving oxygen.


Home medical oxygen systems are generally prohibitively expensive, which prevents most people from being able to keep emergency oxygen in their home or office. LifeFlo has created an affordable emergency oxygen system with the goal of making life-saving oxygen affordable for everyone.


  • ...that is amazing, how can you produce oxygen like that?

    - Portable Oxygen Concentrator Engineer

  • I can see replacing every backup oxygen source we currently use with Lifeflo

    - Respiratory Care Practitioner - 40 years experience

  • I think you are selling this too cheap, you should increase the price

    - Home Healthcare Provider